FUJI product warranty terms and conditions

Ⅰ. Standard warranty conditions

Warranty period: Fuji Solar Inverter Technology Co., Ltd. single-phase, three-phase and hybrid series inverters come with 144 months (12 years) manufacturer’s warranty. Additional products: WiFi module, GPRS module, LAN module, Data logger, CT, etc. come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months (2 years) under the same conditions.

Scope of application: These warranty conditions apply to inverters and equipment purchased from Solar Energy D.O.O. Novi Sad (hereinafter Solar Energy).

Geographical scope: The Fuji warranty terms and conditions only apply to devices originally purchased from Solar Energy unless there is a specifically stated warranty
between Solar Energy and the direct customer. For all devices sold in one country but installed in another country/region, the warranty will become void if written confirmation/approval is not provided by Solar Energy prior to installation.

Warranty certificates: keep the original invoice or receipt carefully. Buyers must submit it for warranty claims if necessary.

Ⅱ. Warranty policies

If the device breaks or does not work due to technical reasons or mechanical damage during the warranty period, please contact our company via email at solarshopelektro@gmail.com to get support. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Solar Energy warranty, if the device breaks down, please provide us with the following information or documents (this information will help our team resolve the problem with the device):

-Inverter model name and serial number.
-Account or invoice about the purchase.
-Information about the configuration of the solar system such as the number of connected panels, the brand of panels, the type of panels, the method of connecting the panels, the grid voltage, etc.
-Converter error message (including error code, error images) and other descriptive information about the failure.
-Information about previous faults and errors of the inverter (if any).

If the device breaks or does not work due to technical reasons or mechanical damage during the warranty period, Solar Energy will provide the following support according to the actual situation:

-Telephone support.
-Repairing a broken device.
-Component or inverter replacement (for an inverter that has stopped working, Solar Energy will offer you an equivalent inverter as a replacement).

Note: If the device is replaced within the warranty period, the remaining warranty of the defective device will be voided
automatically transferred to the new replacement device. The device must be packed in the original
packaging or equivalent packaging if required to be returned to a specified location.

Ⅲ. Warranty exclusions

All of the circumstances listed below are not covered by Solar Energy’s warranty terms:

-Device without any Fuji marking
-The device’s warranty has expired (unless there is an agreement to extend the warranty).
-Damage or failure caused by the use of non-Fuji components or programs.
-Damage or malfunctions caused by operation, repair, disassembly or modification by an unauthorized person.
-Damage or malfunctions caused by the operation or use of the device outside the framework prescribed by the relevant national and industry standards, as well as any installations or operations that are not in accordance with those prescribed by the manufacturer.
-Deliberately destroyed device, device with an indelible mark or stolen device.
-Damage caused by unforeseeable factors or force majeure such as earthquake, stormy weather, flood, lightning, fire, vermin, etc.
-Damage caused during transport.

If the above situations have occurred, and the customer requires maintenance services for a broken device, we can provide paid maintenance services based on the service team’s estimate.

Ⅳ. Paid service

For devices that are not under warranty, Solar Energy may provide paid maintenance services and the cost may include:

  • On-site service costs: engineer travel costs, repair and commissioning costs, etc.
    -Material cost: the cost of the components used to repair the device.
  • Transport: transport of the device to and from the installation site.

Ⅴ. Other important things
The above provisions provided liability for all products sold by us, without written confirmation, Solar Energy assumes no liability other than the above provisions.
In the event that the device does not work properly, the company’s liability to the user is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the device in accordance with the above provisions. In addition, there are no other responsibilities or obligations.